Friday, April 26, 2013

Magnet Fun

I'm taking a little break from the Princess Room.  I had a little visitor yesterday.  This is Jacee, my nieces little one.  I usually watch her on the weekends while her mom is at work.  She was sick yesterday and couldn't go to school.  So of course that meant Project Time!  She is 4 yrs old and really into learning right now. (Obsessed with her letters and their sounds).  I have a page on Pinterest just for such occasions.  Baby P Makes Three had a post with a framed magnet board that sparked the idea for our project.

DYI Magnet Board

I loved this idea but I had no room for it and wanted something a little more portable.  So I tweaked it a little to work for us.  Here is a list of all the items I used and where I purchased them:
     Cookie Sheet (Dollar Tree $1)
     Card Stock Paper (Had on Hand)
     Adhesive Magnet Sheets (Walmart $1.97 ea)
     Self Adhesive Clear Single Sided Sheets (Walmart $5.88 for 10)

I then found a great website for the print outs.

Alphabet Flashcards

Color Alphabet Cards

Simple Printable Numbers

The last printout I used was from

Jungle Animal Flashcards

For the Jungle Animal Flashcards I followed the directions when printing to minimize the pictures so that I wouldn't use as much of the magnet sheets.  I printed everything onto cardstock paper.  Once everything was printed I attached the self adhesive clear sheets to the pages before cutting them out.  I then put my little helper to work.  She was more than happy to cut out all the letters and numbers for me.  Cutting is one of her recently acquired skills, so everything wasn't exactly cut on the lines.  No problem.  Being that her scissors could not cut through the magnet sheets, once I attached the magnet sheets I straightened out the cuts a little.  Also, before I attached the magnets to the Jungle Animal Flashcards I turned them over and drew a line through the middle of the card (As you see in the first picture the object of this game is to match the two pieces of the animal)  After she cut them in half, I then added the magnet to the back.  I cut out all of the Alphabet Flashcards and added the magnets.  Then she was ready to play! 

One of the things I probably would have done differently with this project is, I would have minimized the size of the Alphabet Flashcards.  It used up the bulk of my magnet sheets!

All in all it was a success!  I always know when our projects are successful because instead of leaving them at my house to play with when she comes over, she tries to sneak them into her backpack to take home.  She was easily caught in the caper, being that this project was a little too large to fit into her backpack!  So upset I didn't have my camera on hand at the time!


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